Do You Need Tech Support?

I've always been the one that people go to for help with their computer. I am a bit of a techie geek and always have been. When I bought my first 286 computer I put Coherent Unix on it. I used to run a Bulletin Board System (BBS) called the 411-Exchange before the Internet was a thing. The 411-Exchange BBS was all about AutoCAD customization with AutoLISP. Computers and tech are just easy for me so I figured why not make it official and offer tech support. I created a new website and related social media called Consider me your on call tech support guy.

Harvard CS50

Welcome To My Hacker Den

I just finished moving into a new place and have a special corner in my bedroom which I call my hacker den. I've got about eight old PCs that were basically other peoples trash. I guess they didn't know that Linux runs great on them. Each of my computers has a different version of Linux on them. Here's what I have running right now PureOS, Ubuntu, FreedomBox, GUIX. I love hanging out in my cozy hacker den and hacking on some code or learning how to do Linx system administration and networking stuff. I have a website called A GNU Way Of Thinking where I teach people about using GNU/Free Software and other news about the GNU movement.

Hacker Den

Harvard CS50 - Let's Do It!

I enrolled in the Harvard CS50 programming course. It's free and online, why not? My first assignment was to create a Scratch program. I made fun Scratch program called called Avoid COVID-19. Now we are using the C Language which is cool because it's a good refresher for me. I haven't programmed in C in a long time, but it's coming back very easily, just like riding a bike. I learned how to program in C back in the 90's when I was using AutoCAD. I remember buying the book The C Programming Language by Brian W. Kernighan Dennis M. Ritchie Remember when we used to learn from books. I still think it's a great way to learn coding. Here's a few of my C programming assignments I submitted so far Mario Blocks, Readability.

Harvard CS50

Tic Tac Toe

I just finished the JavaScript Tic Tac Toe tutorial by Daniel Shiffman of Coding Train. This tutorial shows how to use the P5js library.

JavaScript Tic Tac Toe

A Simple JavaScript Photo Editor - Viva-Las Vegas!

This simple JavaScript Photo Editor Tutorial from SkillShare was right up my alley. Try it out on my GitHub with my Vegas Sign image or upload your own image.

JavaScript Photo Editor

Music Player

I just finished the Music Player tutorial on Skillshare by Chris Dixon. Special thanks to Chris for helping me spot a bug I had which kept my player from working. I had a few extra characters that kept the code from working the way it should. That's what I like about coding, when you get all the ones and zeros in the correct order it just works! It's also the frustrating part when it doesn't work. It's always good to have another set of eyes to look at your code for you and Chris was kind enough to do that and spotted my probelm right away. I highly recommend Chris Dixon and his courses on Skillshare.

Las Vegas Developer Demo Day Photo

Sometimes You Need A Kick In The Ass!

COVID-19 is my Kick In The Ass! As I write this blog I'm stuck at home because of COVID-19. During this time of lockdown I decided jump into learning Full Stack Web Development. I've always created my own websites with Wordpress or some other technology. Now I'm diving deeper into web development and learning more hardcore programming technologies. I've alredy finished some online courses for HTML and CSS. Now, I'm working on learning the Javascript and PHP. This website will also be the place I showcase work I'm doing. Today I finished a JavaScript Tip Calculator Tutorial on Skillshare and published it on my GitHub if you'd like to play with it.

JavaScript Tip Calculator

Las Vegas Developers Demo Day

I attend the monthly Las Vegas Developers Demo Day Meetup and sometimes I speak about a project I'm working on. In February 2020 I brought my camera and took some photos.

Las Vegas Developer Demo Day Photo

My Photography Portfolio

If you'd like to see my photography take a look at my portfolio website.

Screen capture of my old photography portfolio website
Wayne Wallace's DEV Profile